Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The 2016 National Gift Basket Conference, Vegas!

The National Gift  Basket Conference will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center this year!

What is the National Gift Basket Conference, you ask?
The Gift Basket Conference is a highly awaited meeting and it is an honor to be part of a vision to uplift the brick and mortar and the online gift basket industry in the spirit of support and collaboration.

The Gift Basket Conference provides a central point of support to everyone who attends in the gift basket industry.  The industry is brought together to support and collaborate with gift basket companies throughout the US and other parts of the world and to provide a variety of resources to help our unique gift basket companies grow.

We at, Gift basket Villas, are proud to be part of this is an ever evolving group of companies and resources identified by the group member to help the industry work together in a spirit of cooperation to deal with the many challenges come up for our industry. A large number of the industry deal with corporate gifting and this is a chance to learn the marketing and networking aspects of this wide sector of the industry.

There is a bonding of the members of this group that is generally observed in very few groups.  The group is able to help each other in a non-competitive way and celebrate it's successes together.

More to come after the conference.