Do you know what to gift to give a cancer survivor?

Gifts for a Cancer Survivor Sometimes it's difficult trying to think of what gift o take to the hospital when visiting a cancer survivor. However, you can make it really easy or rather difficult. A cancer Survivor doesn't need anything but your time and friendship.
At Gift Basket Villas, in New Bern and Raleight, NC, we have some great gift ideas that can inspire or cheer up a friend  who is going through chemotherapy. It is at this time that she will need all the support that you can offer. It doesn't need to be expensive, it can be simply be:
1. A  magazine subscription  will keep her inspired with grea
I believe that the Best Gift Is a Lasting Memory -  laughter, kindness, handwritten notes, inspirational quotes, a book of poems.
There are times that sending a handwritten note or a card to someone who is dealing with cancer can have lasting memories. It shows that you cared enough to take the time, in this crazy/busy world to sit down at your desk  to write inspirationa…

Branded Gift Baskets - Stand Out From The Crowd.

BRANDED GIFT BASKETS WITH YOU COMPANY'S LOGO Branded gifts and baskets can make a huge difference in your business. We can create a custom gift basket to meet your specifications, no matter what the budget. Whether you are sending out Holiday gifts, appreciation gifts, new hire gifts, or any other gift giving program option, we can make your gifts 'extra special' by including your company’s logo merchandise (tee-shirts, mugs, pens, etc) at NO ADDITIONAL COST. You can either ship us items that you currently have in stock or we can have the logo merchandise created for you. We can also customize your ribbon and your gift cards!

Don't just give a cup with a logo, give a cup full of goodies. It'll be much more impressive.

How to Create Brand Recognition Other corporate gifts are longer-lasting or have dual purposes and may be useful in day-to-day activities. Almost everyone loves a gift or gift basket that may include branded:
Memo-pads,tote-bags,key chains,notebooks,Ot…


Gift Baskets Villas works marketing managers, owners, realtors who already have a gifting program in place or would like to implement a gift-giving programs for customers retention, new customers and referrals. If you presently do not have a Corporate Gifting Program in place and would like to grow your business, it would be our pleasure to help you set up and implement a well-defined program to meet your budget and satisfy your long term goals. Ask us about our popular client-touch, drop-by and pop-by gifts, at minimal cost can lead to amazing results. with our delivers corporate gifts in North Carolina, our online store is located in Raleigh and New Bern, NC
What is the reason for gift-giving in the corporate world? Corporations need to grow and ultimately increase revenue, customer base, and even more important recognize and maintain good employees. This is an amazing benefit of a gift-givin…

Customer Loyalty and Referral Gifts

How to Build Customer Loyalty Drop-by-gifts A Client Touch Gift If you want to stand out from the competition. There are so many others in your field that are not providing these small extras to attract customers and to make a connection with your company. This can help brand your company, and communicate your style of business.
The same way we maintain friendships - by giving of our time, our resources and ourselves is the same method to use for our customers. Potential customers need items that can make them remember your company brand or image. 
Referrals and Drop-By Gifts
Once you show that appreciation, you get loyalty in return and referrals. However, remember you need to ask for referrals. Customers don't normally think about it. 
Practice and you'll get business. Here are some samples discussions for a real estate agent:
Asking for referrals from a current customer. An example would be something like this "By the way, if anyone starts talking to you about an interest …

Gift Basket Villas - Designer Certified.

Gift Basket Villas attended the The National Gift  Basket Conference which was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is a highly awaited meeting and it is an honor to be part of a vision to uplift the brick and mortar and the online gift basket industry in the spirit of support and collaboration.
The Gift Basket Industry provides a central point of support to everyone who attends in this gift basket show.  The industry is brought together to support and collaborate with other gift basket companies throughout the US and other parts of the world and to provide a variety of resources to help our unique gift basket companies grow.
We at, Gift basket Villas, are proud to be part of this is an ever evolving group of companies and resources identified by the group member to help the industry work together in a spirit of cooperation to deal with the many challenges come up for our industry. A large number of the industry deal with corporate gifting and this is a chance to learn the mar…

17 Industries which can use Pop-By Gifts

Pop-bys is important to include gifting as a marketing strategy.

What is a pop-by? Pop-bys are small gift given to clients - generally if they drop-by your office or you pop-by theirs. There is no longer a need for cold calling. Just a quick "just popping-by to say hi and a  face-to-face chat so you keep top of your customer's mind.    Their intended purpose is to deepen your relationship and provide the best oppurtunity to make a connection.  Most people add a quirky “tag” on the gift to make memorable. Thereby, ultimately promoting themselves and their business. Pop-bys have been proven to  deepen the relationships and clients are more likely to make  referrals.  Pop-bys can, if you do it often enough and get really good at your tag lines, become my favorite part of you business.  The true value of a Pop-by is showing your customers that your care enough to invest time and effort in your relationship with them.  Pop-By and Drop-By gifts Here is a list of place that can bene…

Corporate Gifting to attract customers

There are so many others in your field that are not providing these small extras to attract customers and to make a connection with your company. This can help brand your company, and communicate your style of business.
What kind of Corporate Gifts?

Internal Gift-giving
Corporate gifts can be internal to the company.  A manager or executive can give to their employees to let them know that they are the company’s most important asset and resource. These internal gifts are defined as gifts that are given to the staff,  other managers, company executives or other stake holders who are involved in the day-to-day operation of the company.This is often done to build cohesiveness and increase morale.

Internally – for employee loyalty, reward for good work,Rewards help workers recognize their part in the big picture of the company. If a worker deserves a reward for their hard work, a corporate gift to that person can help him or her feel like their work is noticed by management and executives.E…